HEAT CONQUERS THE HATE (and the Thunder)

BANG! We are back!! Many apologies to our fans for our season long absence. Long story short: Stern, Goodell and Selig joined forces and claimed that BANG IN THE POST is behind many of the maladies plaguing our favorite sports today. In a cowardly attempt to deflect blame from themselves they have attempted to link us to the following: The NFL Lockout, The NBA Lockout, production and distribution of HGH, steroids and other such performance enhancing drugs, Roger Clemens misremembering, initiating and orchestrating all NFL Bounty systems, Tim Donaghy, pretty much every concussion suffered the last decade, Derrick Rose’s torn ACL, most (not all) point shaving scandals the last 30 years, and Janet Jackson exposing herself during halftime of the 2004 Superbowl. Our punishment for these reckless allegations: that is right – censoring BANGINTHE POST for one full season. BRUTAL. Our legal team is currently suing all three commissioners.

The Real King James

But now that our gag order has been lifted, we would like to begin by congratulating the 2012 NBA Champions the Miami Heat. The King finally got his ring. A lot has transpired while we were sequestered. We must admit, as the NBA finals rolled around, we found ourselves rooting for Lebron once again…(yup we hated him like the rest of ya after all the…well you know). It’s hard to pinpoint when we let our hate dissipate…and that hate was real…but at some point we were able to forgive and just sit back and appreciate the World’s greatest basketball player. How did we forgive Lebron? Well, we aren’t sure. Lots of talks with Mom, anger management, yoga, valium, meditation and, well, some pity. It all started when James melted down against the Mavs in the finals last year. We refuse to use the C word with athletes, however Lebron bleeping HOKED against Dallas last year. Gotta admit at the time, along with everyone else, we enjoyed it; seeing Jerko humbled felt good…go Dan Gilbert! But at some point when Lebron’s stock had plummeted to the depths of Barry Bonds and George W., we realized it had just become too damn fashionable to hate this dude. And now we say that this title is even that much more impressive. Lebron and the Heat had to overcome much more than the league’s best teams during this year’s playoffs.

As the Thunder dug out of a two zip hole against the Spurs to win 4 straight (mind ya, after snapping the Spurs 20 game winning streak), the Heat had dropped game 5 at home to a decrepit but proud Celtic team. Garnett had found that fountain of youth and Rondo seemed to have more heart in his 160lb frame than the whole state of Florida. Every hater was salivating…sickles were cocked…the assholes we hate to listen to (but we do anyways) on radio and TV already had buried the Heat and were predicting the trades that would break up the Big Three. Then we know what happened. After Lebron’s heroics in Game 6, everyone expected they would prevail in game 7, as they did. Let’s remember, though, the Celtics were suppose the be the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals (we swear we love Derrick Rose – we did not tear his ACL!), but that is and woulda been a whole different story.

On only two days rest before the finals begin, the Heat fly to OKC as a significant underdog for the series. And why not? The Thunder are younger, taller, faster, more rested and, in our opinion, more talented. Game 1 reflects all of this as OKC overcame a double digit first half deficit to bury the Heat in the second half to take a 1-0 lead in the series. During the last 9 minutes of the game, we watched a tired Heat team playing one-on-one basketball…reminders of their failures last year against the Mavs. BANG IN THE POST’s entire staff, watching Game 1 at a nondescript tavern in the Midwest, was shocked by all the Thunder fans. Not that many Oklahoma transplants here. (Nor did they strike us as gamblers.) It was certain, they weren’t rooting for OKC, they just all hated Lebron and the Heat. Our guess: this type of cheering was happening all over the country. The Miami Heat player’s had to overcome the knowledge that pretty much everyone outside of Miami was starving for them to fail again.

Well then came Game 2 and the beginning of the end for OKC. Sorry for the cliche, but the Heat wanted it more than the Thunder. We saw something similar just one year ago with the Heat on the losing side. The Heat, like the Mavs of 2011, capitalized on their desire, experience, superior coaching and team execution to prevail in the series. Like them or hate them, we at Bang In The Post tip our hats to the Miami Heat, a deserving champion.

See y’all after July 1 to breakdown all of the free agent signings.

P.S. We apologize to all of our fans with Cleveland roots. To all of you we would like to say LEBRON STILL SUCKS!


10 Responses to “HEAT CONQUERS THE HATE (and the Thunder)”

  1. Aging Disgracefully Says:

    Glad you’re back keyboarding with verve and tenacity. One question for now: were you among Vinnie Del Hairdo’s Attaboy Tweeters back in May?

    • banginthepost Says:

      We were proud and happy to see Vinnie get the Clips out of the first round with an impressive road win in Game 7. Sounds like Vinnie is still in the hot seat, despite them picking up his option. He’s going to have to make some hay next year to keep his job and his hair.

  2. Phil Says:

    Well welcome back!!! Yoga huh?

  3. doyafeellucky Says:

    Tough year all the way around- good to see that you looked inside and decided that you weren’t going to let the haters keep you from posting. Very Lebron of you.
    Heat conquers the haters- more like Heat survives self-imposed public relations nightmare. False pride and hubris lead a man down the path of denial and failure of true fulfillment. No one ever questioned the talent that was present. I tip my cap to Coach Spo for wrestling the green headed monster of EGO run rampid to its knees just long enough to get through the series.

  4. The Dunking Dutchman Says:

    Should’ve been the Pacers

  5. Big Bob Says:

    3,521 lonely hits waiting for a new column. The pre season is underway. How about a preview Bang in the Post?

  6. Aging Disgracefully Says:

    What Bob said.

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