BANG! There is joy in Mudville! And Cleveland. The great LeBron James struck out!! Again!!!

We apologize for our last posting of gloom and doom (Ruh Ro) predicting dark days and an imminent Heat Championship. We hate to be negative. We simply couldn’t find a logical explanation of how this Heat team could lose in what seemed like an impossible matchup for the Mavericks. Ah, but we didn’t consider the most fundamental theme in everyday life…GOOD VERSUS EVIL! Coach Rick Carlisle said it best after game six when he spoke of how his team felt “billions of people were rooting for us.” Yes, he really said billions. Barry Bonds, Brett Favre, Tiger Woods…they ain’t got nothing on LeBron and his teammates when it comes to the hate factor. There was no doubt the additional pressure the Heat felt, knowing pretty much the whole world outside of South Beach wanted them to lose, took its toll. It didn’t hurt that the refs clearly can’t stand them either.

The fact is this series was pretty much over with seven minutes left in game two. Dwayne Wade hit a ridiculous three pointer falling out of bounds to put the Heat up 15 points and minutes away from a 2-0 series lead. But thankfully for those rooting for the Good guys, Miami reverted back to their punk-like actions that have vilified them from day one. Wade does some sort of triumphant pose in front of the Mavs bench after his shot and the remaining yahoos are flying around as if they just won the championship. YIPPEE KI-YAY..WOO-BLEEPIN-HOO..the chest bumps..the confetti!! King James finally gets his ring! It was truly gross. Tyson Chandler and several teammates said Miami’s premature celebration was their motivation in their shocking comeback. Not so sure we buy that, but the Heat just checked out mentally assuming the game was over. The next thing you know Dallas goes on a 17-2 run and Dirk seals the deal at the end with a layup. The biggest fourth quarter collapse in the NBA finals since the 1992 Portland Trailblazers. Just like that the Mavs suddenly have life and BANG!..GOOD GUYS Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and team are NBA CHAMPIONS four games later.

After the Heat’s meltdown in game two there are dozens of reasons the Mavs took control of the series from there. First and foremost of course was the Mavs played much better and Nowitzki was awesome, particularly late in the games. Basketball purists love nothing more than seeing the ball move offensively. As the series progressed the Mavericks crisp passing and decision making was beginning to trump the Heat’s stifling defense. On the other end the Mavs team defense stymied the Heat’s one on one efforts offensively late in games. Two critical calls late in games five and six that could have been three point plays for the Heat with LeBron and then Wade went the Mavs way as Chandler and then Cardinal drew the charge calls. What are the chances a close call goes to Chandler or Cardinal over superstars James and Wade in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals? You think LeBron’s wink after duping referee Marc Davis into a terrible call on Derrick Rose in game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals got a few official peeved. Apparently so. Karma’s a bitch huh?

Officiating aside, with the exception of a Bosh jumper in game three, the Heat failed in every crucial possession in the games waning minutes after game one. Even in game four when Nowitzki was clearly hindered with a 102 degree fever, Nowitzki and the Mavs found a way to execute offensively at the end of games for good shots. The biggest failure by the Miami coaching staff was never putting LeBron on Dirk at the end of games defensively. This was the matchup we feared would be the demise for Dallas at crunch time. Thanks to coach Spoelstra, we will never know. On the other end, offensively LeBron’s disappearance in the fourth quarter of every game was one of the most inexplicable things we have ever seen in sports. James has now played in 10 NBA finals game and has yet to score 25 points in a single game. Okay, we have seen this act before where his confidence wavers in his jumper…but jiminey crickets! When you are King James, can’t you find another way to help your team out in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals?? We are not sure if James needs a shrink or just a coach to kick him in the nuts when he checks out late in games. It’s gonna be a long summer for the King and his Mama.

Enough about the bad guys. How cool was it to see two of the best players and best teammates of this generation in Nowitzki and Kidd finally get rewarded with a championship? Pretty damn cool we say! We don’t remember Dirk blaming anyone but himself after their collapse in 2006. All the man has done is work harder each summer and is a much better player at age 32 than he was in 2006. There are some eerie similarities in this series with Miami from the series in 2006. The Mavs 15 point comeback in game two was reminiscent of the Heat’s remarkable rally in game three to avoid a 3-0 deficit. In game four, it was Wade who missed the critical free throw like Dirk had in game 3 in 2006. All the close calls this year seem to favor the Mavs where in 2006 Wade single handedly beat Dallas from the free throw line. Finally the Mavs closed it out on the Heat’s home floor in game six just as the Heat had done to them five years earlier. The Mavs may be too classy to say it, but we’re not…REVENGE IS SWEET!

See ya all after the Lockout.



11 Responses to “AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT!!”

  1. Phil Says:

    I don’t know what I am going to do all summer without you bang in the post? Please solve the lockout quickly for us…..

  2. Nasty Says:

    Thank you Dallas! It would have been a long summer/lockout…now when they return to play hoops in 2012 sometime…the question is…Who will join forces with LeBum, Wade & Bosh to finally get that Championship for the Queen?

    • banginthepost Says:

      Good news for the Heat and Pat Riley is the bad news for us Heat haters. The Heat have 8 unrestricted free agents and we are only expecting Chalmers to return. That gives Riley a nice do over this off-season to get his three Girl Scouts some more help. All that being said, I think teams like the Heat and the Knicks are going to be screwed by a new hard salary cap once this long lockout ends.

  3. doyafeellucky Says:

    Thanks Bangin for not bringing Mark Cuban into the conversation, thanks for pointing out the upside of the Mavs actions, not their reactions to a group of over indulged individuals who happen to be on a team together.. Regarding the chosen, or the witness or the king or whatever moniker he is going by these days, go to a camp this summer and have someone help you with a post game— you are not a guard! postscript- Cleveland forgot about Lebron —they have the Tribe!

    • banginthepost Says:

      We have no doubts that each and every one of LeBron’s coaches have tried to get him the post more offensively – to no avail. He’s not just a jackass, he’s an uncoachable jackass. We do believe, however, King James was finally humbled during the NBA Finals. If he doesn’t make certain improvements in his game this summer, he never will.

  4. AgingDisgracefully Says:

    It’s now Thursday morning. Whose claim of Sandbagee High Ground (Low Ground actually) has the most merit? Cleveland, Miami or Vancouver? When The Wounded get organized and overreact in unison, it’s so hard to choose.

  5. Big Bob Says:

    I think Lebron is doing pretty well for 26. LEADING teams to the finals twice is pretty impressive. How many superstars have done that this early? Did he make some bad choices with The Decision? Absolutely, but outside of Cleveland this hatred is crazy.
    And how does Wade get such a pass? This guy is the bad actor. I have never seen a professional athlete quit so much in games. At least Lebron is out there choking the finals up. His running mate is in the locker room acting like he just got shot.
    I heart Lebron! His “Decision” made the NBA relevant again and will probably be the reason a lockout is avoided since the playoffs ratings were astronomical! We should all pitch in and send him a fruit basket.

    A perosnal note to Mr Stern- Please dont lock the players out. And pretty please dont fold the Pacer franchise (unless the draft Jimmer, then feel free to blow up Conseco and never let Larry Birds name be spoken in the league again).

    • banginthepost Says:

      It’s good to know that LeBron has a supporter besides his mama. Wade had a rough game six; besides that, he was awesome. Back to LeBron, there have been some comparisons between LeBron and Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt was a tad before our time, but it’s historically documented that he was colossal failure on the biggest stages. We still think The King is going to get his ring, but in the meantime, I think most NBA fans would love for him to fess up that he was simply awful in the NBA Finals. Even an “average” performance against the Mavericks by LeBron would have brought him his first championship.

      P.S. Sorry about George Hill.

  6. Big Bob Says:

    November 1 has come and gone 😦

  7. AgingDisgracefully Says:

    Wakie-wakie, Pops! Posts don’t bang themselves.

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