Poof Goes the Magic?


Has Superman left the building? Not yet, but we fear for Mickey and all of Disney that Dwight Howard will be leaving the state soon! Orlando trails the Atlanta Hawks 3 games to 1 and barring some miraculous turnaround, BanginthePost predicts a Lebron-esque aftermath in Orlando upon Dwight Howard’s departure for free agency at the end the 2012 season.

We know July 2012 is a long ways away…premature predictions, overly dramatic?? Afraid not, Magic lovers. We’re not saying the Magic need to win it all this year to ensure their superstar will re-sign with the organization, we are just saying Howard has to believe his team has a chance. A team with championship aspirations losing in the first round is a major setback. But losing in the first round to the same team you annihilated the year before is downright depressing! There is always that cruel slippery slope in the NBA when a team gets so close to the pinnacle and the next thing you know that same team is rapidly descending back to mediocrity.

It’s only been two years since Orlando’s surprising run to the NBA finals. Superman is a meager 25 years of age and all of the other key players on the team are under thirty. The problem is Orlando’s GM Otis Smith went “all in” on his team’s future with the early season trade bringing over Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu. Arenas and Turkoglu, both proving to be way overpaid, still have three years remaining on their contracts after this season. Smith failed to land another big man after shipping out back-up center Marcin Gortat in the trade with Phoenix. As great as Howard has been in the playoffs, he is still prone to foul problems. With not another big man on the roster, this Magic team is simply helpless when he is on the bench. Every other player on the roster is perimeter oriented so this team lives and dies with its three-point shooting. Well the Magic’s three-point shooting has been atrocious thus far in the series. 18 straight misses on threes in game 4 was the biggest reason the Magic lost the game 88-85 and is now facing elimination.

Now if there is anyone who can rally a team from a 3-1 deficit it’s our good friend Stan “The Man” Van Gundy. Hey, everyone knows the Hawks have a ton of talent…but they’re still a STUPID basketball team and there ain’t no cure for that! Maybe those jump shots start falling and a big win back at home for the Magic is the momentum starter they need to win three straight. If not, we fear it’s our friend Stan the Man (along with Otis Smith) who will be sliding down their own slippery slopes.

P.S. NYET! Mikhail don’t be getting too excited by about this post…Superman ain’t coming to Jersey, Brooklyn, Russia or anywhere your team may be in the future.


2 Responses to “Poof Goes the Magic?”

  1. Phil Says:

    Is he going to the Lakers?

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